The generosity of Crozes-Hermitage

Familiar to lovers of the cru wines of the Rhone and the wines of Syrah, it is the northern Rhone appellation that offers us the greatest richness of expression. Because we offer this multifaceted terroir, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, with more than thirty different selections: a privilege achieved thanks to the unique implantation of our winegrowers.


It is charming, fruity, generous, or more serious, or even pure with the characteristics of just one selection, or concentrated, complex and finely cut to get better with time: this is the entire palette we offer, for a pleasure of discovery that is never-ending!


The Cave de Tain, a reference in Crozes-Hermitage

Our team has long-held knowledge of the subtleties of this vineyard and the art of making it speak.

In terms of surface area and the number of winemakers, it is our primary vineyard (16 times bigger than the Hermitage vineyard), where our two types of emblematic soils, granite and galets (small surface stones) offer never-ending combinations:

- pebbly and filtrating soils of the Rhone or the Isère in the south

- predominantly granite soils, in a fresher climate in the north

Crozes-Hermitage extends all around the Hermitage hillside.

Selection of wines