Certified since 2009, the Cave de Tain l’Hermitage was initially responsible for creating VIGNERONS EN DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE and its CSR approach (corporate social responsibility). It unites the leading wineries in the largest vineyards in France.


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With each grape harvest, our ambition is to gather together the true flavours of our prestigious terroirs – HERMITAGE, CROZES-HERMITAGE, SAINT-JOSEPH, CORNAS and SAINT-PERAY, where unspoilt countryside and quality vines grow and thrive.

What does sustainable Development mean for us ?


FOR HEALTH, the use of natural methods and the strength of the collective impetus.

FOR THE PLANET, encouraging the balance of what surrounds us, reducing our impact and setting an example!

FOR TASTEthe quality of the grapes is at the heart of all our decisions, and we have a lot of things to share with you, in terms of OPENNESS AND EXPERIENCES!

Finally, FOR THE REGIONthe vineyard of the Cave de Tain is very active as a driving force in the area, while SOCIALLY, the company has always been an important, responsible and innovative actor.

And above all, it aims to continually improve our good practices.


To find out more about our full range of activities, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK at our Annual Sustainable Development Report


The definition

Sustainable Development is development that responds to today’s needs, without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own. Every day, each task is well thought out to achieve a balance between economic activity and environmental and societal impact.