In the northern Rhone valley, nature has gifted us with unique, noble grape varieties which have turned out to be the best suited to our demanding terroirsSYRAH (a dark-skinned grape with white pulp) the only grape variety used to make our red and rosé wines, and MARSANNE used mainly for our white wines.

With equally high standards for the most perfect fruit possible on the vines and in the orchards  – our winegrowers are often also fruit growers and our region is well-known for its cherries and apricots, in particular the ‘Bergeron’ variety … We strive to protect this heritage of good taste.

As founding and acting members of the Association Syrah R&D and the Conservatoire de la Syrah et de la Marsanne, we preserve our grape varieties in their diversity and their finest expression.

Indeed, THE ORIGINAL SYRAH was born at our vineyards, on the northern Côtes-du-Rhône despite all the stories that claim otherwise … Research carried out in the United States and France confirmed the French origin of the Syrah grape variety created from the Dureza d’Ardèche and the Mondeuse Blanche de Savoie !

[DNA tests conducted on 50 markers established the relationship between the bank of French grape varieties and the Syrah: "Normally 25 markers are enough to establish a relationship," says Carole Meredith, a lecturer at Davis University in California" but this relatedness was such a surprise to us that we expanded the test." The results were officially presented at the American Society of Enology and Viticulture convention in June 2001.]