Vin de paille Hermitage white 2011

‘This wine was much more than the rare curiosity I was anticipating. It had the diagnostic aromatic complexity of fine wine. Apricots and butter, yes, of course... but I hadn't expected the dried wild flowers, the splintered nougat, or the soapy jasmine ... Buttered peaches more than apricots with honey, sweet oranges, jasmine again, straw itself, white almonds, lemon verbena; a festival glass in starburst yellow. There was vitality alongside succulence.’


Our wine library contains a real treasure trove: 16,000 bottles of the finest Hermitage, Cornas, Saint-Joseph cuvées… and large containers dating from1933 to today.

Located in the historic part of the cellar, at a depth of 7 meters, it is close to the Hermitage hillside, free from vibration and benefits from naturally ideal temperature and humidity!

TO BE DISCOVERED during the cellar tour

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