Our vision of wine is accessible, convivial, flavoursome, fun, hedonistic … and respectful of the consented efforts, aiming for perfection, without compromise, both traditional and innovative.

Using the most perfect grapes possible grown in the vineyards, thanks to the knowledge and practices tailored for and respectful of our environment, our role as a wine creator is comparable to that of a stage director!

Explore all the aromatic facets of our grape varieties – pure, or with two grape varieties blended together ('Notes Plurielles', IGP Collines Rhodaniennes (Rhodanian Hills), and vinify a bit of eccentricity with the Blanc de Noir (made from Syrah grapes)


Choosing to reflect the purity of just one terroir with the 'Collection des Terroirs d’Exception', or that of complementarity between them when it is our secret for the most perfect expression of the appellation, like for Hermitage


Knowing how to assess the requirements of the fruit and the vintage ageing potential and tailor-made maturing techniques and knowing how to be patient, like with the exceptional 2015


Identifying gems and adding them to our list, like our new cuvée EPURE, Crozes-Hermitage


Have an enquiring mind and being innovative for more natural wines; this is the reason for the success of our wines with no added sulphites


Modernising our local traditions or releasing ourselves from them when it adds to the wine tasting experience !


Remaining passionate craftspeople and perpetuating the finest traditions, like the tradition of Vin de Paille, Hermitage white